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What do you get when you put a group of specialists such as Computer Programmers, Mathematicians, Architects, Animators, Web and Graphic Designers in a team…? You get a group of people who “create works through ‘experimentation and innovation’ making the borders between Art, Science and Technology, more ambiguous’. In this article i’m going to share with you some very awe inspiring pieces of truly futuristic art developed by a  Japanese software innovations company teamLab (チームラボ).

Resonating Trees

So when teamLab held their first solo exhibition at the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Art they were surprised to see so many children interacting in an intellectual and creative manner with their installations.

3D Sketch Town / 3Dお絵かきタウン
3D Sketch Town / 3Dお絵かきタウン

“This experience gave us the idea to start teamLab’s “Learn and Play! teamLab Future Park”. We wanted to let children in Japan experience art as well, interacting in the same space with other people, working together to have a creative experience, in a space where they would be able to run around freely!”.

Each tree is lit at night by its unique light colour. When approached by a person, almost within touching distance, the tree changes its light colour and produces a sound that is unique to that colour.

teamLab have certainly been thinking outside the box, by turning a normal art exhibition on its head which in return has proved that it’s not always necessary to stand and look from a distance to appreciate art, you can now be a part of the art itself, thus engaging people of all ages.

Flowers and People – Gold and Dark
Flowers and People – Gold and Dark

Here’s an amazing video of a  flower’s blossoming in ‘real time’;  Every hour  all the flowers fall together forming a ‘petal shower’. The number of flowers then gradually increase every hour, creating a truly magical piece of art.

“teamLab are experimenting with taking a scientific approach to “finding logical structures in the space recognition of ancient Japanese, using new methodologies based on digital techniques”.

They then reuse these techniques to try out new visual experiences, raising questions about modern people’s perception of the world.

“In spite of the fact that our ancestor’s cognition of space has become incompatible with contemporary society, the ancient times may hold, a variety of clues for the society of today. At any rate, there are great possibilities created by using the logical construction of space of ancient people since it allows us participate in and freely move around and experience space. Using digital technology, the now discarded recognition of space of our ancient ancestors can help us to expand art and once again allow it to flower and bloom”.

A calligraphic series of brush strokes modelled in virtual 3D space forms the character 生 (Japanese/Mandarin for life) ) which then metamorphoses into a tree. As time passes, various life forms begin emanating and growing from within the tree.

It’s amazing what we can achieve when we work together with like minded people. TeamLab have certainly made something legendary here, changing the way we interact, produce, visualise and conceive art in the 21st century. Check out some more amazing pictures and videos here:

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