Rice Paddy Art

I wanted to share something amazing with you today…I’m sure this will double, no it will triple your love for Japan. Rice paddy art or ‘tambo āto‘ if you’re Japanese, is where people plant rice of various types and colours to create giant images, ranging from anime characters to historical figures in a rice field. Sounds awesome right!

Let me take you with me to Inakadate Village, Aomori prefecture for some sightseeing. In 1993, villagers were exploring ways in which they could regenerate their village. In doing so, they realised rice has been grown in the village for over 2000 years! This is when they decided to celebrate this fact, and they started to use the paddy fields as canvas, and four different types of rice as paint, thus creating some pretty amazing images…check them out!Mona Lisa

The Japanese have given ‘playing with your food’ a whole new meaning…not to mention, they’ve put aliens responsible for those ‘mysterious’ crop circles to shame.tanba art

There’s Doraemon !!!

Well there you have it, Japanese art in a form you’ve not seen before. Can Japan get any more awesome?? It would be nice if we could do something like this here in Yorkshire (England). What image would you like to see? Comments are open below.

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