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A friend called me last night querying why there haven’t been any recent posts to my blog since the 23rd of December…my answer: PS4. Yes, this awesome gaming console has been taking up a lot of my free time recently.PS4 Glacier White

In the UK the PS4 is the fastest-selling console ever. I thought the PS4 would be doing equally as good in Japan however that isn’t the case. When in Akiba aka otaku heaven, I was surprised to see so many new titles for the PS3 in comparison to a small selection of PS4 games. It turns out that unlike in the West, in Japan there is still much interest in the last generation gaming. Much of this is due to the comfort level Japanese gaming companies had around the PS3 coupled with a slight level of concern around the viability of the console market in Japan. So this led to fewer Japanese games for the PS4 which resulted in a lower PS4 console sales…let’s face it, if you’re going to buy a new console your going to want a decent selection of games on the market. On the bright side, Japanese gaming companies realised that if they want to reach a global market then they need to embrace the PS4.Nihontastic PS4 Japan

A psychedelic game titled “LSD” was released for the PlayStation One in Japan in 1998. LSD was a type of horror game based on a dream journal a developer had been keeping for over a decade. In the game, the player navigates a disturbing dreamscape that gets stranger and fuzzier until the player “wakes up” and is returned to the start screen. The environment fluctuates based on the player movements, always with subtle, almost random variation, like mutating textures on the walls. Strange things abound in this nightmare realm, such as elusive creatures that manipulate the fabric of reality. After playing the game for a few weeks the player may begin to have “flashbacks” that revisit scenes from previous dreams.

Nihontastic LSDSound weird? I think they should do a relaunch for the PS4! Check out this YouTube video of LSD gameplay.

The top-selling games on previous gen PlayStations were Gran Turismo followed by Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Tekken, Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot. So I’m expecting these titles for the PS4 pretty soon as well. Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn is already available and I’ve started playing it. 2015 is going to be an amazing year for PS4 game releases such as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD being one of them. This is how IGN describes it:

“The war-torn land of Orience is the setting of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, a remastering of the Japanese PlayStation Portable blockbuster from 2011 and one of the most wanted games for Final Fantasy fans”Final Fantasy Type 0 Nihontastic

With an excellent line up of PS4 games for this year, I guess I’d better start saving my pennies!

I thought this was worth mentioning here that the US Air Force constructed a supercomputer out of PlayStation 3s. Their research laboratory created a supercomputer using 1,760 PlayStation 3 consoles. Apparently they chose to use PS3s because of its high power and low cost. It cost the US Air Force about $2 million to build, but if it were built out of regular computer parts it would have cost 10 to 20 times as much and would have used 10 times as much power! With Sony’s recent affairs with North Korea, lets hope ‘supreme leader’ Kim Jung-un doesn’t decide to import a thousand PS4 consoles to make his very own supercomputer. PS4 Supercomputer nihontastic

In my opinion, PS Remote Play is the best feature on the PS4. If you have a Sony device such as a PS Vita, Xperia Tablet or Xperia Mobile you can mirror gameplay from the console onto the Sony device, which means turning off the TV and moving the game to a different room of the house. My PS4 is connected to the 50” television in the lounge so Remote Play is perfect for when I want to carry on playing whilst in bed for example (wish I had this as a kid as we used have a TV curfew after 9pm).

The PS4 is amazing, if you don’t already own one go and get one…in fact if your planning on visiting Japan this year you could buy one from there as it’s a lot cheaper than buying it in the UK and don’t worry about region compatibility as all games are region free though you may have issues playing a region locked Blu-ray disk.

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