Obaasan’s Game Centre

Imagine if your Obaasan (Japanese for grandma) bought a retro arcade gaming centre, I know if mine did, she would become the world’s coolest grandma and I would certainly host regular tournaments…

A Japanese grandma recently bought a rundown building in Chiba prefecture, just outside of Tokyo, and when she had gone to see what she had bought, to her amazement, she discovered that she was now the owner of well-preserved two-floors worth of a 90s gaming arcade.

Looks like it's in a good condition to me.
Looks like it’s in a good condition to me.

User Keisuke999 posted the following online

“My GF’s Grandma bought an old building in Chiba. The first 2 floors were an old game center up until the early 90s. Machine Total: Aero City: 42 Astro City: 7 Namco: 6 Jaleco: 1 Neogeo: 1”

I mean how awesome is this!? Either his girlfriend’s grandma is really cool and saw business potential or that she mistakenly signed for the wrong site…anyhow here are some pictures of this 90’s arcade place in Japan. The discovery of these arcade machines isn’t entirely strange in Japan, (where unlike in England there seems to be a decline in arcade centres, it’s still a thriving industry in Japan) but it’s the state in which they were found, is what intrigues me.

This is definitely a gamer’s treasure trove… It’ll be interesting to know what they end up doing with these arcade machines, without doubt they will be worth a pretty penny. I don’t know about you but I’d certainly have at least one in my bedroom

When Obaasan realised what she had purchased, she sent her granddaughter’s otaku gamer boyfriend to check it out. He found 55 cabinets of games containing popular titles such as Street Fighter, Metal Slug, Donkey Kong and Galaxian.

No doubt these goodies will be auctioned off, though it would have been good to see Obaasan fix this place up and put it back in action! So what do you guys think, what happened here? Was it abandoned overnight? You can see all the images here: http://imgur.com/a/yqxip/all

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