Jumping Salary Men

A recent photo-book launched in Japan has been filling the ‘weird’ section in many leading western websites. The photos taken from the book titled, Daughters and Salary Men むすめと! ソラリーマン (the term Salary Men in Japan refers to your typical 9 to 5 office workers) shows pictures of Japanese dads jumping in the air next to their daughters.

nihontasticThe photographer Yuki Aoyama is well known for depicting High School girls in ‘fetish gaze’. Just take a look at his “School Girl Complex” if you want to see what I mean, and you’ll understand why this new Father/Daughter craze is kind of weird.





The book has photographs from Okinawa to the northern island of Hokkaido shows thrilled father with their (supposedly real) not so impressed daughters in all four seasons.

nihontastic.comTaking away the weirdness, I guess it’s not such a bad way to liven up your photographs! So which one is your favourite?

[Photo credits: http://lightrend.com/light/post-13451/

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