Abandoned Japanese School?

No doubt all you anime otaku’s will be familiar with the following anime scene, all too often seen in popular anime series. A lovely class room, with the spring sun shining through the windows, the room all lit up with a rosy warm colour from the Sakurai Cherry Blossom tree, a symbol of hope and renewal.

Sakura Ao Ame Vocaloid

The Sakurai Cherry Blossom tree is a very important tree in Japan, where they celebrate the annual Sakurai festival…

Anyway I wanted to share with you some spooky yet (to an extent) calming pictures from Japan, of what seems to be an abandoned school.

Check it out…

The above images are deceiving; the Sakura tree is actually hand painted, by the school students…but the question is…where are they now? I’m not sure about you but this certainly reminds me of Silent Hill!

I can’t help but wonder whatever happened to this school? It just seems too nice not to mention too clean for it to be abandoned…what do you guys think happened here? Please leave your comments below!

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